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Brisbane Water Legacy

Legacy Village, 51-57 Masons Parade, Point Frederick, NSW 2250

Postal address: PO Box 4252, East Gosford NSW 2250

Phone: (02) 4323 4977

Email: legacy@


About us

About us - Brisbane Water Legacy

Charter of Legacy - Brisbane Water (NSW) Legacy Club (click to open)

Brisbane Water (NSW) Legacy is located on the Central Coast, New South Wales, approximately 80km north of Sydney, and provides assistance to those enrolled dependants within the boundaries of the Central Coast.

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Brisbane Water (NSW) Legacy
own and operates the Legacy Village located at Point Frederick. This facility provides self-care accommodation.

The Legacy Village offers 64 rental bed sitter units and 9 two bedroom villas (loan licence agreements). Four shared laundries are available, a lift to access second floor units, a communal lounge and library area, and a fully functional hall for up to 100 people.

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For more information regarding the Legacy Village, please contact:

Legacy Village at Point Frederick - 02 4323 4977

Board of Directors 2017/2018

President: Legatee Frank “Max” Davis
Vice President: Legatee John George
CEO / Company Secretary: Peter Lawley
Honorary Treasurer: Legatee Rick Cranna


Legatee Richard Gray
Legatee Mike Hickey
Legatee Richard Korff
Legatee Fred Luxford
Legatee Tony Morton
Legatee Cheryl Smith
Legatee Anne Taylor
Legatee Elizabeth Ward

Chief Executive Officer: Mr Peter Lawley

Senior Management Team:

Mr Michael Parsons - Welfare Officer – Team Leader
Mrs Heather Wilby - Executive Operational Support

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A copy is available from the Privacy Officer, Heather Wilby on (02) 4323 4977.


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