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When:15 -29 July 2016
Key Highlights:
  • Guided battlefield tour
  • Attendance at Pozieres Commemoration Ceremony
  • Presentation by WW2 French Resistance
  • Attendance at Ravivage de la Flamme

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Song Proud

The Pozieres....Our Legacy 2016 tour is delighted to announce the adoption of the song ‘Proud', by the band The Berrys, as its official song.

The song is available at:

iTunes: https://itun.es/au/tp9Nab
You Tube: http://youtu.be/KX6umXeLkvs (includes lyrics)

The Berrys can be found at:

Elisabeth Dykstra from the band The Berrys explains the motivation and meaning of the song Proud below.

Pozières was the site of a major battle of the Somme offensive in France during July and August of 1916. The Australian soldiers who fought at Pozières won fame for their valour, courage and perseverance, though they suffered 23,000 casualties in a few weeks. Charles Bean described Pozières Ridge as ‘more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth.’ I was inspired to focus my song 'Proud' on the experiences of the Australian soldiers at Pozières by the words of Dr Brendan Nelson, Director of the Australian War Memorial. My brother and I were performing our song ‘100 Years’ at the memorial and Dr Nelson introduced us to the audience with a story about a wounded Australian soldier at Pozières asking Charles Bean, “Will they remember me back in Australia?” ‘Proud’ tells how I go back in time to meet this soldier, to comfort him and let him know that he and his mates have won the battle. I assure him that we do remember and say, ‘You would not believe how proud of you we are’.
The photos of Pozières included in the music-video prove for all what is hard to believe, in particular the intensity of the shelling. There's the churned earth of Pozières Ridge, with its commanding view, which made it extremely valuable for artillery spotting and explains why it was fought over so desperately. Then there's a group of Australian soldiers celebrating their victory, happy, despite the hell that was Pozières. The next photo shows the memorial for the men of the 2nd Australian Division at the top of Pozières Ridge, at The Windmill. The memorial that stands there today proves that ‘Legends live forever when they’re true’.
I sing ‘Australie, nous n’oublierons pas’ (‘Australia, we will not forget’) in the song’s bridge, to convey how the people of France will never forget what the Australians did for them during WW1. This line was inspired by the words ‘Do Not Forget Australia’, which are written in the quadrangle of the Victoria School in Villers-Bretonneux, a village not far from Pozières and the point where the Australians stopped the German advance in 1918.
In my song I’m telling an Australian soldier at Pozières in 1916 what Charles Bean's writings tell us today: that the story of these great men is cherished by Australians who have found in it an incredible sense of pride that has shaped our nation.


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