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Wimmera Legacy

Legacy House, 33 Pynsent Street, Horsham VIC 3400

Postal address: PO Box 362, Horsham VIC 3402

Phone: (03) 5382 1543

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Legacy Week - "Together we can keep the promise."

Legacy Week - 28 Aug to 3 September 2016

During Legacy Week you can help us keep the promise by buying a badge or making a donation.

In World War I a soldier comforting his dying mate made a promise to care for his missus and kids; Legacy was created out of this promise.

Charlotte's father was a Gulf War veteran. After his death, Charlotte and her family were approached by Legacy and offered support. The family has their own Legatee who provides ongoing personal contact and ensures that they have access to all the services they need. The children go on regular outings and holiday camps with other Legacy children.

The need for Legacy's work in the community is ongoing, we currently care for over 115,000 widows, children and dependants with a disability. Legacy is committed to providing support for widows and dependants of deceased veterans now and into the future.

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Junior Public Speaking Award

The Junior Public Speaking award is held annually for secondary students under the age of 14. This gives young people valuable communication skills.

The Wimmera Junior Public Speaking Award will be held held in Horsham on June 5. Students register to compete for first prize of a voucher from our public speaking sponsor Latus Jewellers. The first place winner also takes the perpetual shield to display at their school until next years speaking award.


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