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Donation Messages - Legacy

Sale of ANZAC biscuits after school assembly - Amount Donated: $66.15

Love what you guys do - Amount Donated $80

I found $50 on the footpath tonight (on ANZAC Day) and thought it would be appropriate to donate it to Legacy as I didn't have the chance to buy a pin this year - Amount Donated: $50.00

My 6-year-old daughter Taylor raised $48 selling homemade lemonade (she squeezed all the lemons herself!) and homemade ANZAC cookies today in our street to honour the diggers, I agreed to match her earnings. Please accept our donation and our thanks to all who have served and their families - Amount Donated: $100.00

In memory of our ANZAC's. Thank you for the safe beds my family gets to sleep in at night. Lest we forget - Amount Donated: $1,000.00

We may know someone or we may have lost someone at some point otherwise this is to salute the men/women fighting and their families for the role they play. After making some dishes for Anzac Day and sharing them for a donation - this is a small way to show our support - Amount Donated: $164.00

After seeing Miriam on Paul Murray Live - Amount Donated $50

Anzac Day we are a CrossFit box and just like to support the Legacy fund on such a special day and to give thanks - Amount Donated: $123.40.

The staff of the cafe donated their tips on Anzac Day and the cafe matched their donation - Amount Donated: $230.00

Funds raised on Anzac Day from Crossfit Hero Workout in honour of PTE Gallagher & LCPL McDonald who were serving together with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August, 2012 - Amount Donated: $200.00

My grandfather was a Legatee, and spent years assisting widows of those who died in active service. Each ANZAC day he would march in rain, hail or shine, he was an inspiration to me, my family and those who he assisted - Amount Donated: $50.00

We had a lunch on Anzac Day for 8 friends and held a small game of 2 up and we couldn't work out who'd won! So we decided to donate to Legacy - Amount Donated: $50.00

Thank you for all of the work you do. You helped my Mum with guidance, fellowship and moral support and I am sure more, after the death of my Dad in 1993. My Mum was in the WAAF and Dad in the Army in WWII and Mum has been in a nursing home for nearly 3 years. I wish I could give more, but thank you for the help you gave Mum and thank you for the work you do for others - Amount Donated: $10.00

I bet on the footy on Anzac Day and won some money. So I thought it would be the perfect time to donate a bit to Legacy - Amount Donated: $30.00

Made a stall of handcrafts to raise money for Legacy. Grace is just 7-years-old - Amount Donated: $10.00

The Royal Hotel in Sunbury held a BBQ on ANZAC Day with all proceeds going to Legacy - Amount Donated: $510.00

In honour of current serving defence force members - Amount Donated: $100.00

We would usually buy badges each year. But we are on contract in the USA and can’t do that this year. We feel strongly that we should support Legacy's work - Amount Donated: $15.00

I hope this little donations has a good impact on the lives of people who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country and the world as a whole - Amount Donated: $100.00

I normally volunteer with St John Ambulance for the Sydney City March, but I am sick this year so am donating instead - Amount Donated: $50.00

Matthew Locke is a hero along with all our veterans. Words can't express our gratitude to our brave diggers - Amount Donated: $20.00

Legacy provided great support to my Granny after her husband passed away. In memory of the Pop I never met - Amount Donated: $20.00

To support all who lay down their lives for the country - Amount Donated: $200.00

May God bless your work for the orphans and widows in distress - Amount Donated: $100.00

For the support Legacy have given my mother since my father's passing in November 2012 - Amount Donated: $250.00

I am an ex Legacy Boy - Amount Donated: $20.00

Legacy helped me when my first husband passed away when I was with three young children and I want to repay. Thank you - Amount Donated: $50.00.

My father helped start Legacy in Townsville following WWII - Amount Donated: $200.00

I won the ANZAC day footy score comp at the Geebung Hotel at it seems fitting to donate it to Legacy
- Amount Donated: $290.00

I am a Boot Camp instructor and Owner. We raised $390 for Legacy on 24th April. Thank you for your work - Amount Donated: $390.00

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