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Legacy Week 2018 Appeal

Legacy Week 2018 Appeal - Legacy

Like so many of the families we support, William’s story is a painful one. He was only four when his Dad died of cancer. His sister, Ella, was just a few months old.

Now 15 years of age, William says: ‘I don’t remember much about my dad. There are days when I can’t even remember his voice.’

William and his sister Ella, who is now 11, have missed out on so much by not having their dad by their side as they grow up.

Peter, William and Ella’s dad, developed brain cancer after he was exposed to a powerful radar during his navy service. This young man died at only 29 years of age, having fought bravely for several years against an unrelenting and cruel illness. Along with William and Ella, Peter left behind his wife, Rebecca.

She remembers:“It was a long and torturous experience for us all. The last months of Peter’s life were particularly bad. I wept bitterly for Pete, for myself, but above all, for our children.”

Sadly, there are many children like William who are facing the same pain and loss. From William’s first sports match, to each and every Father’s Day, there have been many painful reminders that his dad isn’t here.

William recently shared: ‘It makes me sad when I think about all the milestones Dad has missed, and all the ones he will miss. He never got to cheer Ella on when she took her first steps, and he won’t be there when she walks down the aisle one day.’

This Legacy week, you can help kids like William face the pain of losing a parent and change the course of a young life. Your generosity will help kids like William work through their pain and grief.

Like the thousands of Aussie military families whose loved ones have been lost, William and Ella will never have their dad back.

This Legacy Week, we urgently need your support so we can continue ours. Please give generously.

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