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Thanks Legacy - Legacy

8 February 2013

Ross, Merewether NSW

My Dad died on Boxing Day 1966. He was 41. He had served in WW2 in the RAAF as a trainee bomber pilot and later joined the army and fought in Korea in 1952 with 1RAR. When he died I was 5 and my sister was 8. We lived in the outskirts of Wollongong where there was no public transport. My mother [who was a WW1 war orphan] could not drive and she had to sell Dad's car to make ends meet. We joined Legacy in 1967 and they helped my Mum re-build her life. She got her licence and bought a car. Later when I was 9 we moved to Mum's home town - Newcastle. It is here that my memory and appreciation of Legacy really begins. We had some wonderful Legatees who guided Mum financially and were always there for us. I have very fond memories of Tuesday nights when all the junior boys went to Legacy House for gym and woodwork, taught by wonderful ex-vets who volunteered their time. I will never forget their kindness.
One day when I retire I will repay Legacy by volunteering my time or skills.

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