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Satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey - Legacy

Satisfaction survey



The objectives of the Bulletin include:

  • providing a means by which the President can address the membership;
  • maintaining an informed membership by providing information about Club rules, membership, activities and management initiatives;
  • conveying DVA and other agency announcements of interest to its membership or impacting on veteran’s widows and dependents ;
  • providing a forum for feedback, debate and participation by Legatees; and
  • supporting Brisbane Legacy’s overall communication strategy.

This survey is being conducted to gain feedback as to your level of satisfaction with the Bulletin and to gain a better understanding of what you would like to see included.

The survey is completely confidential; however, if you would like to be contacted to discuss any aspect of this survey, please provide contact details below:


Contact Number

1. Do you read the Bulletin each month?

Yes   No  

2. If you read the Bulletin, do you ...

3. If you keep the Bulletin, do you keep it to ...

4. Do you use the Bulletin to update your Members Directory?

Yes   No  

5. How would you rate your level of overall satisfaction with the Bulletin?

If dissatisfied, what specifically are you dissatisfied with?

6. Compared with other newsletters that you receive from other like organisations, would you say that Bulletin is ...

7. Please rate the following aspects of the Bulletin


Range of articles

Quality of articles


Excellent   Very Good   Good   Fair   Poor  

Excellent   Very Good   Good   Fair   Poor  

Excellent   Very Good   Good   Fair   Poor  

Excellent   Very Good   Good   Fair   Poor  

If you rate any of the above aspects as either ‘fair’ or ‘poor’, what could be done to improve them?

8. There are a number of columns and features which occur regularly in the Bulletin.Which of the following do you regularly read/refer to?

Board Reports

President's column

CEO's column

Welfare Support Manager’s column

General welfare/pension/health matters

DVA advice & correspondence

Defence news

Military history articles

General interest articles

Contact Group reports and/or events

Notice of upcoming events

Vale/In Memoriam

Mind agility exercises, quotes & humour

Directory amendments

Meeting Schedule

What additional columns, features or material would you like to see included in the Bulletin?

9. Bulletin is currently published at the end of each month (January – November inclusive). Would you like to see Bulletin published...

If you would like to see Bulletin published more or less frequently, please indicate frequency.

10. Brisbane Legacy now offers Bulletin by email (.pdf format) and online ( Would you prefer to ...
Please provide an email address to receive the Bulletin by email or to be advised when it has been posted online.

11. If you have any additional comments regarding the Bulletin, please share them:

Please type the characters that are shown below.

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