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Sydney Legacy

For almost a century, we have supported the families of those who gave their life or health for their country.

Gift in Wills

Leaving a Gift in your Will to Sydney Legacy

No matter how big or small, a gift in your Will is a simple yet powerful way to make an impact on the lives of those we serve.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Legacy, we can continue our vital work and provide the financial, social, and developmental support our veterans’ families depend on each day.

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Who will you support?

By leaving a gift in your Will to Legacy, you can provide a lifeline to the loved ones of our Australian military personnel for years to come.

  • Children and families – In addition to thousands of widow/ers, Legacy cares for over 500 children across Australia.
  • Ageing and vulnerable widow/ers – Legacy ensures that widow/ers are not disadvantaged by their partner’s service.
  • Dependants with disabilities – When a young child or adult with a disability is dependant on a veteran, Legacy will be there to assist them through their lives.

Find out more about Who we help

Sydney Legacy has partnered with Safewill, Australia’s leading online Will-writing platform who share our vision of supporting the families of our veterans.

Having a Will in place is important to protect your loved ones. Once you have ensured they have been provided for, Sydney Legacy would be grateful if you would consider leaving a gift to support veterans’ families. Even a gift of just 1% of your estate, or whatever you can afford after you’ve taken care of loved ones, can truly make a difference.

For more information, please check www.safewill.com/legacy

Barry’s generous gift to Legacy

“These families shouldn’t suffer disadvantage because of their loss. It’s wonderful that Legacy is there for them whilst they get back on their feet.”

When it came time to make his Will, Barry made the profound decision to extend his support for Legacy beyond his lifetime by becoming a bequestor.

Barry journey with Legacy began in the 1970s when he actively participated in fundraising activities organised by his local Torch Bearers, a group active at the time dedicated to supporting Legacy’s mission.

However, his commitment to Legacy did not wane. Recognising the ongoing needs of veterans’ families, he transitioned to become a regular donor, along with his wife, Lee, when he married.

In his own words, Barry emphasises the societal responsibility to care for the families of veterans:

“I feel that all Australians have an obligation to support the families of our Defence Force personnel who have given their lives or their health.”

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