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South Australia and Broken Hill Legacy

The Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill is dedicated to caring for the families of deceased and seriously injured veterans.

About Us

The Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill currently supports:

3,502 Beneficiaries

98 Children

66 People with a disability

Supported By:

345 Legatees

Legacy Members (Legatees)

Legacy relies heavily on our Legatees who are members of Legacy and tirelessly volunteer their time to support Legacy’s vision and mission.

Legacy services and support is primarily delivered throughout South Australia and Broken Hill by Legatees, who through personal effort, ensure that, the Legacy Vision, no dependant of a veteran suffers financial or social disadvantage as a result of their loved ones’ death or injury from service is upheld.

In the past, Legatees were ex-servicemen, however today men and women of demonstrated high personal standards who share the ideals and obligations of Legacy, may be invited to become a Legatee. Legatees are formed within suburban Sections and in the country regions there are Legacy Groups. The Sections and Groups operate virtually autonomously, supported by a centralised headquarters at Legacy House in Franklin Street, Adelaide.

Legacy’s structure recognises that while Legacy support is coordinated centrally, it is best delivered locally by local Legatees, that is why it is critical that Legacy maintains a Legatee force of sufficient numbers so that it can effectively meet its vision to provide personal, local support to its widows and families. Legatees are backed up by professional and qualified Community Service team located in the Adelaide headquarters.

Interested in becoming a Legatee, please call 8231 9812 or email [email protected] to further discuss.

Leadership Team

The present Board of Directors are all volunteers (Legatees)

Chairman G A Ingerson
President: S M Moorhead
Vice President: H E Willis
Treasurer: G R Banks
Director: C M Burns CSC
Director: C J Teager
Director: R J Eley
Board Secretary: Kerryn Smith
Minute Secretary: Amanda Carragher



ACNC Charity Register

Adelaide Legacy (ABN 48 827 750 273) is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), registered for the GST and endorsed as a Gift Deductible Recipient and Income Tax Exempt Charity.