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Wimmera Legacy

Legacy House, 33 Pynsent Street, Horsham VIC 3400

Postal address: PO Box 362, Horsham VIC 3402

Phone: (03) 5382 1543

Email: admin@



Events - Wimmera Legacy

Wimmera Legacy runs several events during the year to raise funds for Legacy’s work and awareness of Legacy. These include:

Annual Change Over Dinner

Wimmera Legacy Club Annual Changeover dinner is typically held on the last Saturday in November. Please contact the office for information for the current year’s event.

Wimmera Fleece Competition

Is held each year in conjunction with the Horsham Agricultural Show.
Proceeds from all donated fleeces help to assist Wimmera Legacy support the widows and dependents of War Veterans across this area.
Please contact the office for further information about this event.

Wimmera Legacy Bowls Tournament

Our Bowls tournament is an annual event which is held in November each year. The venue alternates each year between Horsham City Bowling Club and Sunnyside Bowling Club, who generously provide our venue for the day. We encourage everyone to enter a team. Invariably the people who attend have a great day, and enjoy the experience. Please contact Wimmera Legacy office for more information about this event.


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