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Albury Legacy

588 Olive Street, Albury NSW 2640

Postal address: PO Box 207, Albury NSW 2640

Phone: (02) 6021 2407

Email: welfare@



Events - Albury Legacy

Albury Legacy runs several events during the year to raise funds for Legacy’s work and awareness of Legacy. These include:

Legacy Week

"Keep the Promise Campaign" 28 August - 2 September 2016

Since 1923 Legacy has kept their promise to look after the families of deceased veterans. Buy a badge during Legacy Week and together we can keep the promise. Donate at any Commonwealth Bank branch, call 1800 534 229 or visit legacy.com.au.

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Kokoda Trail Walk

Col Darts recently completed the Kokoda Trail Walk raising in the vicinty of $4750 for Albury Legacy.

Here is his story.

Kokoda was a very challenging task, both physically and emotionally. We travelled from Kokoda to Owers Corner. The most emotional time was at Brigade Hill when we held a small service to remember those who fought to ensure our freedom and paid the ultimate price. It is a beautiful site with unbelievable views of the Owen Stanley Range. A memorial marks the spot with stick markers depicting the original graves of the fallen.

All along the trail there are many heroic stories to be told of the defence and attack of the area you are in.

Physically the trail is very demanding with many hills to climb followed by challenging descents.

I was the oldest person on the trip but I felt that I kept up well (thankfully, my 4 months intensive training paid off).

The first 5 days from Kokoda we experienced rain all day and most of the night but at no time felt cold. The last 4 days were totally different with hot and humid weather. The scenery was unbelievable, but what kept me going was the knowledge that I didn't have to outrun the advancing Japanese Army with every tree or rock a possible hideout. Although my clothes were saturated in mud I had the knowledge that at the end of each day I had a dry tent and a belly full of food. It was hard to imagine what our troops had to endure from day to day just to survive.

This adventure was a life changing exoerience and I place it above my times in Gallipoli, Hell Fire Pass and even Long Tan


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