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Who we help

Legacy cares for the families of Australian Defence Force men and women who have lost their lives or their health as a result of their service.

Legacy supports the partners and children of veterans.

Legacy supports the partners and children of veterans who have seen their loved ones leave our shores to serve in wars from World War 1 and World War 2, to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Many never made the journey home and others returned bearing the physical and mental scars of war.

Legacy also supports the families of those who may have died many years after serving our nation. All are equally deserving of our support for the sacrifices their families have made for their country.

Who we help

Legacy offers programs and services aimed at providing social, financial and developmental support. Some of these services look different depending on the individual and their circumstances. Our work focuses on ensuring all needs are met as best as possible, providing for young families and children, ageing and vulnerable widows as well as dependants with a disability.

Young families children

Young families & children

From the time of bereavement, Legacy will be on hand to provide practical and emotional support. A Legatee will be allocated to assist and mentor the family. They are the support person who will help them in many ways; from navigating what can be overwhelming paperwork to finding specialist assistance; and advising them of the programs and support within Legacy that they can access. 

Our work focuses on:
  • Providing relief for financial hardship
  • Advocating for entitlements
  • Helping families to thrive despite their loss
  • Assisting with children’s education and development
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Social connection services

Ageing and vulnerable widows

Legacy ensures that widows are not disadvantaged by their partner’s service. Every effort is made to ensure they have similar opportunities to those they would have had if their partner had not passed away. We advocate on their behalf so they receive benefits to which they are entitled. By looking at their individual circumstances, Legacy can tailor the assistance provided.

Our work focuses on:

  • Combating social exclusion
  • Living at home with dignity 
  • Health and safety provisions 
  • Providing relief from financial hardship
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Providing developmental opportunities

Dependants with disabilities

When a young child or adult with a disability is dependant on a veteran, Legacy will be there to assist them through their lives. Legacy maintains contact, ensuring they receive the advice they need regarding medical or social issues and assists them to make informed decisions for all aspects of their lives. Monthly outings – suited to their level of mobility and interests – ensure that they do not become socially isolated or become excluded from activities enjoyed by others.

Our work focuses on:

  • Enduring care
  • Lifestyle and independence skills 
  • Social inclusion
  • Transition to residential care
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Seeking support?

We try to help as many people as we can, however our services do differ in different parts of Australia and specific criteria must be met. This is determined by each club of Legacy.

Become a volunteer member

Support your local community by becoming a member of Legacy, known as a ‘Legatee’.