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Legacy is here to provide a caring service not just through financial support, but to also improve the lives of present and future families of Legacy through advocacy.

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Representing our veterans’ families

Nationally, Legacy represents our beneficiaries through a variety of programs and services. This includes participating in working groups and committees such as the Ex-Service Organisation Round Table (ESORT), National Aged Care Alliance, Female Veterans and Families Forum and the Younger Veterans – Contemporary Needs Forum.

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Engaging with government agencies

Legacy also engages directly with the Australian government, state and federally; by making submissions for policy and budget considerations, active lobbying concerning benefits for widows and children of veterans, and responding to requests for input about government legislation and policies.

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To find out more about Legacy’s advocacy initiatives, or to make any suggestions regarding policies or legislation, please contact:

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Your support will touch the lives of partners and children of veterans, and honour the service of their loved ones who served our nation.


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