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Our Community

Individuals drawn from all walks of life come together to support our veterans’ families.

Our community at Legacy is devoted to enhancing the lives of families of veterans who have served in war, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, and who have died or become seriously injured either in service or subsequently.

Legacy is supported by the work of our dedicated Legatees, volunteers, staff members and widows. These individuals make up a dynamic community of people, ranging from schoolchildren to senior citizens.

Legacy cares for around 34,000 beneficiaries including 1,300 children and youth (0-26 years) and 1,000 beneficiaries with a disability.

It is with their assistance that Legacy is able to continue working to support our veterans’ families.

Legacy Tax Appeal 2019


Legacy Australia Incorporated comprises 44 member Clubs across Australia, and one member Club in London. Many of these Clubs (particularly the Capital City Clubs) consist of divisions/groups/branches allowing it to reach into the community across more than 300 locations nationally.

Each Club has a legally Constituted Board or executive committee and is responsible for the individuals and families living in their area. They also drive local fundraising with money raised going to their local support efforts.

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The dedicated men and women who provide the care and assistance Legacy is known for are called ‘Legatees’.

Historically, Legatees were returned servicemen. Today, Legacy welcomes membership enquiries from people from all walks of life. There are currently approximately 3400 Legatees throughout Australia, some having served Legacy for more than 50 years.

Our Vision

Legacy families

Affectionately known as Australia’s biggest family, Legacy brings together people with a shared experience, providing a platform for friendship and support.

A number of groups exist throughout Legacy Clubs, such as the Torch Bearers, Women’s Auxiliary, Widows and Laurel Clubs, each providing companionship, outings and activities for its members and helping in some cases to raise much needed funds as well.

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Your support will touch the lives of partners and children of veterans, and honour the service of their loved ones who served our nation.


Your gift provides essential social and financial services



Give back to the families of those who have given so much.



Our work would not be possible without our members.