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Young families & children

Legacy’s works to decrease the stress on a family and help them function as though they would if their loved one was still here.

Support for young families and children

Legacy is committed to helping young families through the tough times and providing them with new opportunities in life. At Legacy we are aware of the significant loss endured by young families living without a parent and spouse and we endeavour to compensate families for their loss by providing as much support as we can..

Our Services

Legacy offers many programs and services. Our objective is to support the wellbeing of our veterans’ families in as many ways we can.

Services 01

Providing relief for financial hardship

Young families often suffer from financial stress after the death of a father or mother. Legacy is able to provide financial support to assist with urgent and pressing needs such as accommodation options, domestic assistance, child care and parental support.

Services 02

Advocating for entitlements

Vulnerable families are often in need of someone to champion their cause. Legacy appoints advocates for families who can provide sound advice and enlist the support available through government departments and community and social welfare services.

Services 03

Helping families to thrive despite their loss

While no one can replace a deceased family member, at Legacy, we try to support families as practically as possible. This can extend from help with home maintenance and security, to companionship, transport and support with education and employment.

Services 04

Assisting with children’s education and development

Legacy gives a special priority to assisting with children’s education and development offering grants and scholarships, mentorship programs for children that assist with education and life choices as well as
adventure activities and holiday camps.


The Beckwith Family

At Legacy we provide support through: Providing relief for financial hardship Advocating for entitlements Helping families thrive despite their loss Assisting with children’s education and development

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Seeking support?

We try to help as many people as we can, however our services do differ in different parts of Australia and specific criteria must be met. This is determined by each club of Legacy.