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Students Tour to Western Front

From July 15 to July 29, nine Junior Legatees (JLs) from Victoria will be joining the Legacy Pozieres Educational Study Tour to the Western Battlefields in France.

Lead by Tour Patron Corporal Mark Donaldson VC, up to 80 Junior Legatees from across Australia will embark on the trip and its signature event will be the Commemoration of the Battle of Pozieres on 23 July.

Historians have remarked that the Battle of Pozieres was where Australian soldiers ‘lost their innocence’. Pozieres was to become the benchmark for all subsequent battles, remembered for its ferocity and intensity of the near ceaseless artillery bombardment. The Official Australian War Historian Charles Bean wrote at the time “that no place on earth was more drenched with Australian blood than Pozieres”.

Participants of the tour will experience first-hand the impact that Australians on the Western Front had not only to the outcomes of major battles but also the lives of local French people. They will walk the ground, analyse the battle and terrain, under expert guides and historians and experience first-hand the challenges and sacrifices endured by the ANZAC's.

What sets this tour apart from many other tour groups visiting the Western Front in 2016 is that almost all the young people participating share the experience of having lost a parent who served in the Australian Defence Force.

Although 100 years separates them from those who died at Pozieres and the families those Australian soldiers left behind, their personal connection is deep and timeless – Pozieres is indeed part of their legacy.

And on Friday 17 June, six of the nine Victorian Legacy Pozieres Study Tour representatives enjoyed the hospitality of the French Consulate to wish them well on their forthcoming trip to Pozieres in France.

Photo at top was taken at the farewell function on June 17.
From left: Clair Short, Keegan Short, Evan Rodwell, Jakki Kedjae, Lewis Short and Brenton Noye
Unable to attend the farewell function: Nathan Barnes, Jess and Tim Potter

Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering financially and socially after the death or physical or mental injury of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. At Melbourne Legacy we currently care for more than 13,500 widows and dependents.


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