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Melbourne Legacy

293 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Postal address: GPO Box 4312 Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: (03) 8626 0500

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Melbourne Legacy

Melbourne Legacy - Legacy


Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge

Above are ADF mentors Major Robert Cox and LSCIS Freya Halliday, with (from left centre) Junior Legatees Lewis Short and Thomas Kaye

Australian Defence Force (ADF) members will mentor 20 -25 Legacy youth for Operation Legacy Australia Kokoda Challenge through training and undertaking the Kokoda Trail during Legacy Week 27 August to 2 September. It also co-incides with the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign. All the participants will do a training camp in early June.

Last week, four of the participants attended Legacy House to listen to a presentation by Andrew Johnson from No Roads Expeditions - a company that operates guided tours of the Kokoda Track.

Caring for the families of those who served their country

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Legacy has been protecting the wellbeing of veterans' families since 1923. Our compassionate and vital assistance changes lives, with care, friendship and support and we are honoured to serve our families.

Legacy standbys Defence Force families to ensure a child gets an education and a fair go, a widow is not disadvantaged and alone, and a family is not torn apart by the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Joshua, Holly and Olivia (pictured above) lost their Dad, who was in the Army, when he died during Operations in Afghanistan in 2011. Since then, Legacy has been there for them and their Mum, Jacky, to provide caring support. The family has their own Legatee who keeps in touch and organises access to all the services they need, and the children go on regular outings and holiday camps with other Legacy kids.

The difference our compassionate and vital assistance has made to so many lives is everlasting.

Legacy is the only organisation of its type in the world and relies on its volunteers and donations to carry out its work. We appreciate and value your support throughout the year, but especially during Legacy Week in late August.

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