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Taree Legacy

Legacy Village, 9 Gill Avenue, Taree NSW 2430

Postal address: PO Box 220, Taree NSW 2430

Phone: (02) 6552 2385

Email: tareelegacy@



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Taree Legacy Club is pleased to support two members of the same family who are currently undertaking University studies.

Amanda Miller is in her final year of Paralegal studies through Southern Cross University Distance Education, and has consistently achieved Credits and Distinctions in her results. This year, Amanda is also undertaking Certificate III in Office Administration (Legal) through TAFE distance education, to further enhance her qualifications.

Jeremy Miller completed High School in 2012 and was Dux of Chatham High in his final year. Jeremy was awarded early entry into Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University, and is expected to do well after achieving excellent results in his Higher School Certificate.

Amanda and Jeremy and mother Sue Miller, have acknowledged that without the financial assistance of Taree Legacy, it is unlikely that Amanda and Jeremy would have been able to undertake University studies, and the family is most appreciative of the opportunities they have been given.

Legacy Week 2013

Legacy Week Badge Appeal
1 - 7 september 2013

The Legacy Week Appeal aims to build awareness about the importance of Legacy’s work in the community. The campaign also hopes to raise much needed funds to assist the services that Legacy provides to 115,000 families of Australia’s deceased veterans.

Legacy is a unique Australian tradition which is born out of the trenches where a promise was made to a dying mate that “someone would look after the missus and kids.”

Over 25,000 troops have been deployed overseas since 1999 and over 5,000 new widows of deceased veterans enrol with Legacy every year. We need the public’s assistance to ensure Legacy’s crucial services continue both now and into the future.

Legacy needs your support. You can do so by buying a badge, donating or even volunteering to participate in the appeal by selling Legacy badges in your local community.

The public has given wonderful support to the Appeal in the past and we hope that this will continue in 2013.


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