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Mark Lax

Vice Chairman/Director


Legatee Mark Lax OAM, CSM is a retired Air Force Officer who joined the RAAF in 1974 and had operational, flight test and instructional tours before completing several staff positions. He has served in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the US, and UK. Regarding his home time, among other postings, he was the Base Commander of RAAF East Sale (1992-93) and of RAAF Richmond (1997-99). In 2002 he was the senior Australian officer in US Central Command in Florida for the War on Terror. Mark later held several senior posts developing policy and strategy before retiring in January 2007 after which he joined Canberra Legacy.

Mark transferred to the RAAF Reserves until final retirement in 2024.  As well as Legacy, Mark is actively involved in the ACT Branch of the Air Force Association and the United Services Institute.

Mark holds a BSc in Physics, a MA(Hons) and a PhD in history and writes and publishes widely. He is a graduate of the AICD, and currently is also a director of an Australian IT Company.

Regarding his Legacy time, Mark has served as Canberra Legacy President twice and has been widely involved with Legacy in general.  After a year on the Board as a Director, he was appointed Vice Chairman of Legacy Australia in November 2023 and now serves on the Governance Committee as Chair, and on the National Marketing Committee.

Mark is married to Margaret (also a Legatee) and has two daughters and three grandchildren.