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Lone Pines Planted in the City of Greater Geelong and in the Geelong Legacy Area.

The Lone Pine trees planted in our area have all been propagated from the original
Lone Pine (known as Pinus brutia) that was grown on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Sgt
Keith McDowell of 24 th Battalion collected a Pinecone from the Lone Pine and
eventually brought it back as a souvenir but handed it over to his aunt Mrs Emma
Gray of Grassmere near Warrnambool. Some ten years later Mrs Gray planted a
number of seeds which eventually grew into five seedlings.

In 1933 trees were planted in Wattle Park, at The Shrine of Remembrance
Melbourne, The Sisters (Terang), Warrnambool, Unfortunately the fifth seedling

Initially Cones were collected from these trees and more trees were propagated at
Burnley College, Richmond where we got our initial supply. Since then, authorisation
was given by Legacy to select people who could propagate seeds and one of these is
located in Boorcan where we have been getting the last few trees from.

We currently have thirty-one trees planted in our area, the first trees being planted
in Johnstone Park, Geelong (2) in 1965 by the Mayor of the time L/Ron Fidge, Mayor
of Geelong and father of our L/Jim Fidge. Since 2010 we have planted twelve trees.
These have been planted at Schools, Hospitals, RSL’s, near War Memorials and
Geelong Gardens. Unfortunately, we have lost three trees either being hit by
lightning or cut down for safety reasons.

All trees are inspected regularly, photographed, and placed in a register.
We continue to look for suitable sites.

Legatee John Burton
Co-Ordinator Lone Pines, Geelong
June 2022