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Yulia and Javas

“Don’t worry honey – our veterans will look after you and Javas when I am not here.”

Those were the touching, and reassuring words, that wife Yulia heard from her husband Norm. Javas was just six-years-old when he lost his Dad.
Norm, who passed away from cancer as a result of his war service, did not like to discuss his war experience: but he would often talk to his wife about Legacy.

Yulia reminisces: “Not long before he passed, I remember Norm telling me again: ‘Don’t worry honey – Legacy will look after you and Javas when I am not here. And Norm was right! Legacy has been there for me and Javas and it has taken so much off my shoulders.”

As Yulia’s family lives in Indonesia, she and her son have no immediate or extended family in Australia. In Legacy, Yulia and Javas have another family to turn to in times of need.

Yulia and Javas

“It’s just Javas, me and Legacy.”

“It has been a real struggle for my little boy because he was very close to his father. Javas was the apple of his daddy’s eye!” Yulia remembers. “Being part of Legacy has kept the memory of his dad close to my little boy, because he knows that we have Legacy’s support because of his father’s war service.”

Earlier this year, Javas was struggling a little as he only had an old tablet and couldn’t access some of the school programs he needed. With the help of donors, Legacy was able to provide him with a a new laptop for school.

Yulia and Javas

“Being part of Legacy has kept the memory of his Dad close.”

“That laptop: it is more than a computer for Javas,” says Yulia. “It’s love. It’s support. Looking at it reminds him of Legacy and that connects him to his father. It is much more than a computer: it is a connection with his daddy.”

Yulia and Javas

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