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Our online shop is now live in time for your Badge Day orders

Posted on | By Larissa Churchill

Across Australia, Legacy Week will look very different this year.

Many Legacy Clubs have had to cancel or drastically alter fundraising activities and commemorative events due to government restrictions, and to maintain the health and safety of volunteers and the wider community.

Legacy has created an online merchandise shop that sells Legacy Bears, Badges, and other merchandise:

Funds will go towards helping support our veterans’ families around the country.

The Legacy Week appeal has been running since the 1940s and is a time for all Australians to show their support for the widows and children whose loved ones have served our country.

The Legacy badge is a special emblem of support for our veterans’ families, symbolising our nation’s greatest values of mateship, compassion, and fairness.

Legacy badges may be little but the funds they raise make a big impact on the lives of our veterans’ families.

Legacy Week is a time to give back to the families of those who have given so much.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Legacy.

Larissa Churchill
Larissa Churchill