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Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, speaks with Legacy families for Legacy Week

Posted on | By Legacy Australia

“Relentless in their Compassion”

During the Legacy Week 2020 campaign, Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a very real conversation with two families about the importance and positive impact Legacy has had on their

Gwen Cherne and her daughter speak of her husband Peter, who she lost to PTSD after his service in 2017.

Jacky Gavin and her three children spoke of her husband Luke, who was killed by a rouge Afghani whilst on deployment in Afghanistan when her children were young.

Both women speak of the hardships of their situation and bravely share their stories to help raise awareness for Legacy and the 52,000 individuals across Australia in our care.

The Prime Minister spoke of his memories of Legacy through his grandmother and the very real importance of support for families of today.

Legacy Australia
Legacy Australia