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Regional NSW communities welcome Legacy flame

Posted on | By Legacy Australia

The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023 continues its journey through NSW, visiting Goulburn, Orange, Forbes and Cowra.

The Goulburn relay began at the Big Merino and travelled a 7km route before concluding at Belmore Park. A ceremony was held at the end of the relay where wreaths were laid and a Legacy Centenary plaque was unveiled.

The Orange relay followed soon after, starting at the Orange Botanical Gardens and travelled a 7km route before concluding at Robertson Park with the lighting of the cauldron.

Next up was Forbes. Beginning at Lake Forbes Water Park, the Legacy flame was carried by 10 torch bearers before concluding at Forbes Legacy Club. We were delighted to have Forbes Shire Mayor, Phyllis Miller as a torch bearer, who understands firsthand the value of Legacy’s work. Her father, Vivian Thurlow was a World War II veteran who died at just 37, leaving behind his wife and five children.

The Cowra relay was up next, where the Legacy flame travelled a 3km route. The relay started at Cowra showground and ended at the Cowra Peace Bell with the lighting of the cauldron.

A huge thank you to all of our torch bearers and volunteers for taking part in this once in a lifetime event.

Next stop…Wagga Wagga.

Photos by Csmith Photography


Legacy Australia
Legacy Australia