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The Better Together Ball | RSLWA x Legacy WA

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An amazing evening at Optus Stadium in their River View Ballroom where we hosted the inaugural Better Together Ball alongside RSLWA. This marks the two leading ex-service organisations coming together to work towards the same goal, empowering and supporting veterans and their families for a prosperous future.

RSLWA and Legacy WA have worked tirelessly over the last few months to make this night possible, and we are delighted from the responses we have received so far! There is a growing need in the Western Australian community to support veterans and their families, and we are here to work together with them.

Watch the video below!

The Better Together Ball | RSLWA x Legacy WA 2022
The Better Together Ball | RSLWA x Legacy WA 2022
Impact Video

Photos from the night have been provided by Csmith Authentic Photography and Videography. If you grabbed a pic at the media wall or saw a camera take a snap during the night, check out the photos here.

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Since 1916, RSLWA has been here to support serving and ex-service members and their families and has been the voice for Veterans in Western Australia.  RSLWA has loyally dedicated its mission to advocate, promote and serve those who have served our great nation and to support those currently serving.

Legacy WA grew out of the ashes of World War One where they continue to honour the battlefield commitment to look after the families left behind. This promise has evolved to ensure all those who have been touched by a loved one’s sacrifice for our country are looked after and provided the tools to grow and thrive despite adversity.

Whilst 2022 has brought with it some challenges, there are many emerging opportunities to work better together.  Combining our respective skills, tools, and resources, the two organisations are committed to working better together and invite you to embark on this journey with us to support initiatives such as employment, advocacy, social activities for widows and dependent children and proactive health and wellbeing activities for veterans and their families.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Thank you to our sponsors for the night for making this possible.

Perth Admin
Perth Admin