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We Will Remember Them

Remember the fallen. Support the families left behind.

Remember the fallen, care for the living.

As the nation pauses to reflect on the sacrifices of our veterans this Remembrance Day, November 11, please also spare a thought for their families.

Just as we will always remember the fallen, Legacy will always be there for their families.

Legacy ensures that no partner or child of a veteran who has given their life or health will suffer social or financial hardship as a result of their service.



Nearly three years ago, Legacy widow Louise lost her home in a house fire. Only four days later, Louise’s daughter tragically passed away. And Louise was left with four devastated grandkids in her care.

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Give back to the families of those who have given so much.



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About Legacy

Remembrance Day

Supporting the families of our veterans

In 1923, Legacy made a promise to help veterans’ families carry on with their lives after the loss or injury of their loved one. It was a simple promise that Legacy keeps today; providing the same stability, guidance and assistance that a partner would normally provide to his or her family.

Today, Legacy supports 40,000 partners and children of veterans who gave their lives or health serving our country.

Support our veterans’ families

With your help, we can continue to support families who come to us in their darkest moment and give hope to provide them with a new life.