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68 (13 Reserves)




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Geelong Legacy

“Murray House”, 182 Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220

Postal address: 182 Ryrie Street, Geelong VIC 3220

Phone: (03) 5229 5702

Email: legacyglg@


About Us

About Us - Geelong Legacy

Club Contact Details

Geelong Legacy
182 Ryrie Street
Geelong Victoria 3220
Telephone: (03) 5229 5702
Fax: (03) 5222 6655

E-mail: legacyglg@gmail.com

Geelong Legacy Club currently has 68 members, made up of 55 Active and 13 Reserve members.

Members meet for a luncheon meeting on the first and third Monday of each month @ 12.30pm.

Geelong Legacy Club has 1244 widows, 10 children and 12 disabled adults in its care.

We are currently running a recruiting campaign and have some newly inducted legatees, with the hope of gaining a few more in the near future.

Geelong Legacy

Office Bearers:

Legatee John Moug
Vice Presidents:
Legatees Hank Gregory (Senior)
Michael Gibbons (Junior

Legatee Des Downey
Legatee Brian Wrigley
Immediate Past President:
Legatee Margaret Bethune
Chairman Pension Committee:
Legatee Russ Cameron
Chairman Welfare
Legatee John Burton

Club History

Geelong Legacy Club is the second oldest Legacy Club and was founded in 1925.


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