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Canberra Legacy

33 Geils Court Deakin ACT 2600

Postal address: PO Box 333 Deakin West ACT 2600

Phone: (02)6285 1800

Email: executive@

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About us

About us - Canberra Legacy

Club history

missing imageLegacy is an independent organisation of veterans, servicemen and women, and volunteers from the community who share the ideals of the founding Legatees. We are dedicated to the care of the dependents of Australia’s servicemen and women who have died in the service of their country or subsequently as a result of that service.

The Legacy Club of Canberra was inaugurated on Anzac Day 1928 with 32 members following the establishment of the first club in Melbourne in 1923. Since then, the club has grown steadily, and today Canberra Legacy includes the Yass/Boorowa Group with around 240 members. Club members are called Legatees.

We are incorporated in the ACT and adopted our latest constitution in 2007. The Club’s business is conducted by a Board, which comprises the President, the immediate past President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, two elected members and the chairs of the various committees.

Who we Support

On the eve of our 90th anniversary on 25 April 2018, we look after over 1250 widows, children and disabled dependants in the Canberra and Yass/Boorowa communities.

Who can I Contact?

The Legacy Club of Canberra can be contacted at:

The Hon. Secretary,
PO Box 333

Phone: (02) 62851800
Fax: (02-) 2852349


Our Meetings

Legatees meet at Legacy House at 5.30 pm on the second Monday of each month (except January) to review activities, provide news and share comradeship.

Board of Management

G. Carwardine
Immediate Past President
J.P. (Paul) Stevens
Vice Presidents
L. Wrighton-Jones
J. Mack

S. Jones
G T Salmon

Chairman of Committees
N L Horn
Junior Welfare
G Hutton
J.P. (Paul) Stevens
P Ellerman (Acting)
I Gollings
Elected Members
I R Wills
J T Heggart (Yass-Boorowa)

Other Office Bearers

Assistant Secretary
F. Lehman
J. Fricker

Roster Master
Public Officer
B E Worth
Bulletin Editor
B Keil
S. Jones

ACT Representative LA Inc.
R. Connor
Chairman Planning Committee
R. Connor
Chairman House and Grounds Committee
B Crews
Chairman Functions Committee
ACT Pensions Representative
I R Wills

Yass-Boorowa Group

R V Richardson
Deputy Chairman
R England
R M Bush
Assistant Secretary
J Wilson
M G Glasson

Laurel Clubs

President Canberra South
Mrs M Parker
President Canberra North
Mrs D Graham
President Boorowa
Mrs J Birnie

Staff members

Office Manager
Mr Bob Cox
Finance Officer
Admin Assistant

Mrs H Pietsch
Mrs Cathy Clifford


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