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Melbourne Legacy

293 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Postal address: GPO Box 4312 Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: (03) 8626 0500

Email: info@


About Us

About Us - Melbourne Legacy

Melbourne Legacy assists our widows and families with caring, compassionate support, including counselling, pensions advocacy, welfare support, financial assistance and social support. We are also committed to nurturing children's education by contributing towards school fees, books, uniforms and recreational activities to aid their self development and confidence.

You can assist Melbourne Legacy continue to provide these important services.

Melbourne Legacy Organistional Structure

Melbourne Legacy consists of 8 metropolitan Branches and 12 Groups
covering outer metropolitan and regional areas.

Board of Management

The metropolitan Branches of Melbourne Legacy are administered by a Board of Management. The President of the Legacy Club of Melbourne is Chairman of the Board of Management.

Legatee Graeme Plumridge
(pictured right)

Vice Chair (Marketing Division):
Legatee David Kelly
Vice Chair (Operations Division):
Legatee Hugh Roberton
Honorary Treasurer:
Legatee Graeme King
Co-ordinator, Contact Activities:
Legatee Jim Burrows
Immediate Past Chair:
Legatee Ian Harrison
Widows' Representative:
Joan Miller
Dianne Summers
Chief Executive Officer/Company Secretary:
Finance Manager/Company Secretary:
Justin Elwin
Raymond Leong

Melbourne Legacy Branches

The Melbourne Legacy Branches service the Melbourne Metropolitan region. If you need to contact a member from the local area, please call Legacy House on (03) 8626 0500. They include:

Inner Eastern
Outer Eastern
North West

Melbourne Legacy Groups

The Melbourne Legacy Groups are separately incorporated associations which are set up to serve the widows and dependants in their own local geographical area. They include:

North Gippsland
Benalla/Euroa/Violet Town
Central Gippsland
South Eastern
South Gippsland
East Gippsland
Latrobe Valley
Yarra Valley

Click here to view Melbourne Legacy Groups contact details.

Legacy Staff & Legatees

Melbourne Legacy employs professional and administrative staff to support the 550 volunteer members of Legacy (Legatees) who visit widows on a regular basis, to provide them with information on all issues of concern and give them personal care and attention. The very heart of Legacy is the work of the Legatees, a dedicated team of volunteers who commit time and effort to their Legacy work.

Media Liaison and Public Relations

The role of the public relations officer is to promote awareness of Legacy's caring work, regular activities and special events.

For all media and general information enquiries please contact Legacy House on (03) 8626 0500 or email:

Community Liaison

Melbourne Legacy staff includes the appointment of a Community Liaison Officer, Mr Bruce Roberts.

The role of the Community Liaison Officer is designed to ensure that organisations and the community at large are aware of Legacy and the help and support we provide to many people.

Presentations to groups outlining Legacy's role as well as visits to individual people are a major part of the Community Liaison Officer's role.

Subjects covered are Wills and Bequests, Powers of Attorney and Legacy's work in the community.

We hope to encourage individuals and organisations to support Legacy to ensure our work is viable now and into the future.

For further information please contact Bruce Roberts on (03) 8626 0500 or e-mail: bruce.roberts@legacymelb.com.au
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