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135 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park, Townsville QLD 4812

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Townsville Legacy Explorer's Club

The Explorer's Express
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December 2011

Townsville Legacy Explorer's are going places.

  • Adopting the name Explorers, the widows and children of ADF personnel lost in Timor-Leste, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have become a club within a club.

  • With the support of Townsville Legacy, the tight knit group are being encouraged to embark on social and adventure outings.

  • Legacy Vice-president Dennis Boyd said the initiative was aimed at helping widows and children from a different era, normally associated with the club.

  • He said Legacy strongly identified with WW2 widows, but these widows and children were victims of more recent events.

  • "We want them to get together and see what they want to do, whether it's something for the children or themselves.....camping, functions or social functions". "We want them to have their own co-ordinator.... and we will be there in the background, helping in any way we can".

  • Mr Boyd said that it was important for the mums to get some time for themselves with perhaps, a girl's night out. It's really up to them, with the assistance of Legacy.

  • It's equally important for the children to do what other children do........go camping, fishing or the movies.

  • The families have recently been to see the Townsville Fire womens basketball team play at the new RSL stadium, thanks to Mike Carney's corporate box and the management of the Townsville Fire.

  • More recently the Expolrers celebrated their first Christmas party with an exciting day out at Kingpin Bowling Centre at Cannon Park.

Mary Christmas & kids
The Townsville Legacy Explorers enjoying themselves, bowling at Kingpin


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