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Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy

We work to ensure the families of our veterans’ are not disadvantaged and can live rich and meaningful lives.

At Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Club we currently care for more than 310 widows(er)s and 20 dependants of the 34,000 beneficiaries including 1,300 children and youth (0-26 years) and 1,000 beneficiaries with a disability throughout Australia.

Legacy is a voluntary organisation supported by volunteers (called Legatees) drawn from all walks of life.

If you share the ideals of Legacy and want to assist in our work, we would welcome a membership enquiry from you.

Services we provide

Socialisation activities

Socialisation activities

From monthly morning teas to group social outings and annual celebrations, Legacy provides a regular means of social inclusion for those we support.

Community Visitors and Legatees

Community Visitors and Legatees

Legacy is a voluntary organisation founded on personal service. Throughout Australia, thousands of dedicated volunteers and members regularly visit or call those we support, ensuring they always have someone to lean on.

Assistance with claims

Assistance with claims

Legacy works to ensure our families receive the correct entitlements, rights and benefits at all times.

School age education support

School-age education support

Legacy assists with education costs, school uniforms, laptops and much more. Legacy can help support after-school activities such as music, art, karate, or sports.

Seeking support?

Our impact

Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Club currently has 27 active Legatees and employs 3 staff who all work closely together to meet the needs of Legacy beneficiaries, children and people with disabilities.

Home heart

40 Years

Port Macquarie Hastings Legacy Club has offered 40 years of service to the community.

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8 School Age Students

Provided educational support.


27 Legatees & 330 Beneficiaries

Our 27 Legatees & 3 staff members work locally to support our beneficiaries.

Become part of a proud tradition

Kerry Thomson

In 1965, my war veteran father died, leaving my mother to raise three children under seven years of age on her own. This was when Legacy stepped in and supported our family for the next 18 years.
When I saw an article in the Camden Haven Courier in 2002 asking for Legacy volunteers, I knew in my heart that it was the right time to give something back to Legacy.

Get Involved

Join our community and take action to support Legacy’s vision. There are so many ways to get involved.