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Far North Queensland Legacy

We work to ensure the families of our veterans’ are not disadvantaged and can live rich and meaningful lives.

Far North Queensland Legacy Inc. (formerly Cairns Legacy Inc.)

It’s not always about the big things, it’s the little things Far North Queensland Legacy consistently does day-in-day-out that count.

It is the friendly visit when you feel isolated and alone, a listening ear when you feel no one understands, the financial assistance to help ensure your children have the support they need to thrive in their education, a regular phone call to check in, financial support to ensure you live in a safe home. All of these support services make a big difference in so many peoples lives.

Far North Queensland Legacy is dedicated to supporting the needs of our veterans’ families and has done so for nearly 100 years. Our goal over the next five years to is ensure 300 Beneficiaries and/or their families in Far North Queensland are able to access the support services they need to help them in moving forward and live a fulfilling life, despite adversity.

Far North Queensland Board of Directors:

President: Legatee Mal McCullough
Vice-President: Legatee Ian Butler
Secretary: Rebecca Milliner

Admin Staff:

Rebecca Milliner – Executive Officer
Simone Keats – Wellbeing Officer
Melanie Allen – Project Officer


Become part of a proud tradition


Being a Legatee is the most rewarding endeavour of my life. It makes me proud of my country when I see the enthusiasm and compassion volunteers bring to their roles as Legatees. I also see just how much enjoyment and fulfilment they get out of it.

Get Involved

Join our community and take action to support Legacy’s vision. There are so many ways to get involved.