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Kelly, Sarah and Kate

Kelly’s girls, Sarah and Kate, were only eight and six when their dad was killed.

Rick died whilst deployed in Afghanistan. Murdered by one of the Afghan soldiers he was helping to train.

It’s been hard for Kelly and her girls in recent months. It’s been hard on every one of the 41 families whose loved ones died during Australia’s longest war. And it’s been hard for the families who’ve struggled since their loved one came home.

“You have your family unit, and you’re doing life, you’re doing your thing, and then everything changes.”Kelly

“Kids lose their parents and partners lose partners all the time. But when people hear how Rick was killed, they look shocked.

And there’s a sense of isolation, because it’s just not an experience that many people go through.”

Shared understanding can make the world of difference for a grieving family, like Kelly and her daughters. Many Legacy events allow families to build bonds through their shared experience.

Events, like Summer Camps and days out, help whole families to form lasting friendships. Because connection is not just something for adults… it’s vital for children like Sarah and Kate.

“It’s a safe space when you’re with other people from Legacy.
I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have that social and emotional support.
To meet and build friendships with other families who have lived through this… it’s invaluable.”Kelly

Today, it’s been nine years since Rick was killed in Afghanistan.

A lifetime of family moments lie ahead, like Sarah’s graduation this year.

Milestones that Kelly had once imagined she’d celebrate with Rick. But she also knows that she’s not alone.

She has her Legacy family to lean on when she needs them.

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Kelly, Sarah and Kate

“When I met Phil, my Legatee, he said that he had known Rick and that just established an immediate connection.”

Legatees are Legacy’s most dedicated volunteers. They commit to supporting families and build deep personal relationships to help them thrive. 

“It’s incredibly reassuring to have somebody that I can turn to if I need them.”

Legatee relationships provide relief. Knowing that there is 24/7 comfort available for mothers like Kelly when she needs it.

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