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Legacy Brisbane Centenary Celebrations

Posted on | By Emily Kuehner

About the Book

Legacy Brisbane is pleased to share stories from widows across Queensland, titled ‘We who are left to grow old: stories from widows to mark a century of Legacy’.

‘We who are left to grow old: stories to mark a century of Legacy’ is a collection of stories from Legacy Brisbane war widows. Legacy Brisbane supports thousands of widows who lost their loved ones and have been affected by their partner’s service in WW2, the Korean War, Malayan Emergency and Vietnam War. Many of these ladies came to Legacy as young widows, still raising their children and struggling with their grief. To celebrate Legacy’s centenary in 2023, The Legacy Club of Brisbane wanted to capture these stories of resilience and achievement before they are lost.

Thank you to all of the widows involved who generously shared their stories with us. The Legacy Club of Brisbane would like to acknowledge and thank the family members and the Legatees of the widows involved in this project, who supported us during the story creation, fact checking and supply of treasured family photos.

This project is proudly supported by the Queensland Government, through the Queensland Remembers Grants Program. This program is part of a broad Queensland Government commitment to honour the service and sacrifice of Queensland veterans and their families.

Order your copy of We Who Are Left to Grow Old: Stories from Widows to Mark a Centenary of Legacy. Enjoy 26 fascinating stories from Legacy Brisbane widows, as told to our writers. www.storiesofremembrance.org.au.

Share Your Story

To celebrate the launch of the book ‘We who are left to grow old: stories from widows to mark a century of Legacy’, we have created a website where you can share your story with us!

Whether you’re one of our Legacy family members, or one of our dedicated Legatees, we would love to hear first-hand about your story and what Legacy means to you.

Not sure what to write about? You can read some of the stories from the book on the website now. For your own story, pick a theme or two, or reflect on a special moment in time. Whatever you choose to write about, we look forward to reading your contribution.

Your story will then be shared on the Stories of Remembrance website, another way to celebrate Legacy’s centenary in 2023! To share your story with us, please visit www.storiesofremembrance.org.au.

Emily Kuehner
Emily Kuehner