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346 Active
71 Reserve as at August 2019



4921 Widows 77 Children 72 Persons with disabilities as at August 2019

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Adelaide Legacy

Legacy House 102-104 Franklin Street Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address: Box 1367 GPO Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8231 9812

Email: reception@



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Adelaide Legacy is a volunteer based organisation with some 450 volunteers (known as Legatees) delivering Legacy welfare services to widows and children throughout South Australia and Broken Hill.

Please contact Mark Taylor or Carol Hawkins at Adelaide Legacy on (08) 8231 9812 if you would like information on becoming a Legatee (volunteer) or assisting in some other capacity as a volunteer.


Legacy is housed in a two storey building (Legacy House) located at 102 Franklin Street which is the administration base for Legacy throughout SA and Broken Hill.
The ground floor auditorium is used regularly by Widows Clubs for Club meetings and a range of other activities.

Car parking is usually available in the Legacy car park behind Legacy House off Cannon Street.

The Legacy Ode

The Legacy Ode was adapted from the second verse of the American Poet RW Lilliard’s “An American Answer” written in 1918 as an answer to the challenge within "In Flanders' Fields". The Legacy Ode is often read at Legacy functions, meetings, handover lunches and dinners and at other special events.

Fear not that you have died for naught
The torch you threw to us we caught.
And now our hands will hold it high
Its glorious light shall never die,
We’ll not break faith with you who lie
On many a field

Lest we forget.


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