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Hobart Legacy

Within Southern Tasmania Hobart Legacy Incorporated (which encompasses an area from Queenstown through Oatlands to just south of St. Helens) provides services to almost 650 Legacy beneficiaries including eighteen children.

News & Events

In 2023 we celebrate 100 years of keeping the promise

In the trenches of the Western Front during World War I, a soldier said to
his dying mate “I’ll look after the missus and kids”. This became known
as The Promise – and is still kept today.
Realising the dire circumstances of tens of thousands of veterans,
widows and children left behind, those who returned set out to help
In 1923, Tasmanian-born Major General Sir John Gellibrand formed the
Remembrance Club in Hobart.
Another returning soldier, Captain (later Lieutenant General Sir) Stanley
Savige, was inspired to establish a similar club in Melbourne which was
named Legacy.
Legacy Clubs started as small clubs with volunteer members assisting
local families. Today there are 44 Legacy Clubs, including one in London.
Legacy stands proudly as the only veteran service organisation in
Australia dedicated solely to the care and support of our veterans’