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Warrnambool Legacy

Warrnambool Legacy Club Inc. received their Charter in September 1947.  The Warrnambool Legacy Club Inc. office is situated in Warrnambool in the South West of Victoria covering three municipal areas.  The Club supports 200 widows and dependents.

Warrnambool Legacy Club members are dedicated to caring for the families of veterans’ who have lost their life or health in service to our country.

Forty-two active members with five on Reserve who provide this care and support by home, hospital, residential care visits. Phone calls and social activities ensure that recipients are not socially isolated and in turn all welfare needs are met in a timely manner.

This would not be possible without the support from the community and local businesses. This is self-evident during Legacy Week when volunteers and Legatees join forces to engage with the community in our annual fundraising event for Warrnambool Legacy.

Become part of a proud tradition


Being a Legatee is the most rewarding endeavour of my life. It makes me proud of my country when I see the enthusiasm and compassion volunteers bring to their roles as Legatees. I also see just how much enjoyment and fulfilment they get out of it.

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Join our community and take action to support Legacy’s vision. There are so many ways to get involved.