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Follow the Rosemary

Posted on | By Jayne Cree

Operation rosemary 2024 is in full swing with our amazing volunteers currently sprigging the rosemary.

Harris Farm generously donates rosemary to Sydney Legacy every year, which is crucial in the success of our ANZAC Day fundraising efforts.

After the rosemary was harvested, it was transported to Beehive Industries, a non-profit social enterprise that provides employment and training opportunities for seniors and people with disabilities. Here, dedicated volunteers from different corporates and Beehive Industries are preparing the rosemary, ahead of ANZAC Day.

One essential step is ‘sprigging’ the rosemary, which involves cutting it and attaching a Legacy sticker to the stem. This process is done by hand and requires many hours of work. However, the end result is a beautiful and meaningful gift that touches the hearts of many on ANZAC Day.

Rosemary has a long and storied history in the Australian war effort. During World War I, soldiers would often carry sprigs of rosemary as a symbol of remembrance for their fallen comrades. This tradition continues today, with rosemary being used as a symbol of remembrance on ANZAC Day.

The Harris Farm and Beehive Industries partnership with Sydney Legacy helps to keep this tradition alive by ensuring that the public has access to this important symbol of remembrance.

Sydney Legacy is grateful for the ongoing support of both organisations and their commitment to supporting our community. We look forward to continuing this partnership and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Big thanks also to all of our volunteers and many corporates who have donated their staff time to help us sprig rosemary and pack over 500 trays.

Keep an eye out for more updates as we #followtherosemary

Jayne Cree
Jayne Cree