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Harris Farm and Megalong Valley community rally for Legacy

Posted on | By Jayne Cree

Harris Farm Markets and residents of the Megalong Valley have displayed incredible resilience and community spirit, overcoming severe weather to continue their decade’s long support of Sydney Legacy for this year’s Operation Rosemary.

Sydney Legacy supports the families of veterans who have passed away or been injured as a result of their service to our nation. Each year, rosemary harvested from the Harris’ farm in Megalong Valley is sprigged and the 50,000 sprigs of rosemary gifted by Sydney Legacy to the public leading up to and on Anzac Day, to remember veterans and their families.

This year’s harvest was threatened when major rainstorms damaged the accessing road to the valley, where the Harris’ rosemary crop grows. Emergency relief and food was helicoptered into the valley earlier in the week.

Sydney Legacy President, Legatee Ian Thompson, expressed his feelings, “First and foremost, all of us at Sydney Legacy were concerned for the local community when we heard the news about the valley. We were in regular contact with the Harris’ during the week. We were also worried whether the rosemary would make it for this year’s Anzac Day activities.”

Despite the challenging conditions, David and Cathy Harris, founders of Harris Farm, persevered to salvage the harvest, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to Sydney Legacy and veterans’ families.

Sydney Legacy President, Ian Thompson, expressed his gratitude for the extraordinary efforts of David and Cathy Harris, acknowledging their dedication in preserving Operation Rosemary. He remarked, “In times of adversity, true character shines through. The Harris family were determined to go above and beyond to uphold this tradition and it is a testament to their generosity and support of our veterans’ families. We truly appreciate their generosity.”

Recognising the importance of this occasion, representatives from various levels of government, including Cr Mark Greenhill OAM, Mayor of the City of Blue Mountains, Susan Templeman MP, Federal Member for Macquarie and Trish Doyle MP, Member for Blue Mountains, were transported to the valley by the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

“Today is very much about supporting the local Megalong community who are going through some tough times at the moment after the recent rain with their road being wiped out and part of the community isolated. But also, this is such a tremendous cause to support the families of those who serve our country. Could not be a more noble thing to be a part of. We have a large returned services community here in the Blue Mountains,” emphasised Cr Greenhill.

“The significance of Operation Rosemary extends beyond its symbolic gesture. It serves as a poignant reminder to everyone of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families,” said Mr Thompson.

For more information about this year’s rosemary harvest or to support Sydney Legacy, please visit www.legacy.com.au/clubs/nsw/sydney/ or phone (02) 9248 9000 or 1800 LEGACY.

Jayne Cree
Jayne Cree