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Legacy Brisbane Giving Day 2023

Posted on | By Emily Kuehner

Legacy Brisbane Giving Day 2023

Times have changed. Our promise hasn’t. Donate on Giving Day, help bring it home.

Legacy started with a promise on the battlefield in WW1, when an Australian soldier pledged to look after the wife and family of his dying mate. Legacy’s century-long commitment to veterans’ families continues steadfastly amid evolving times. More than ever, Legacy faces a high and enduring demand in response to the changing needs of modern military families. Today, the best way to look after the partners and families of Australians who’ve given their lives or health in service, is to welcome them into a place that feels like home. That place is the new Legacy House, and we’d like your help to create it next to the Greenslopes hospital in Brisbane, Queensland.

We have the land, the vision, and the need to build this new Legacy legend. Will you help bring it home? 

We are raising funds to build the new Legacy House Brisbane and to deliver a new model of care for families of a veteran who has given their health in service. The new house is a brilliant opportunity to meet the challenges that families of the fallen face today, and start a new era of service, respect, and gratitude. The vision is for Legacy House to become a central hub for Ex-Service Organisations and provide the wrap around care that our veterans and their families need and deserve.

The estimated cost for this unique and important facility is $8 million. Legacy Brisbane was pleased to receive a $2.3 million commitment from the Federal Government towards the project. To make the new Legacy House a reality we need to raise at least a further $4 million by Remembrance Day 2023.

For one day only, 5 October 2023, your donation will be quadrupled, thanks to our generous matched givers.

$100 x 4 = $400

$500 x 4 = $2000

$1000 x 4 = $4000

$2000 x 4 = $8000

Help us make this vision a reality and ensure that this vital facility is built and ready for use by veterans’ and their families by mid-2024. Your generosity will truly and meaningfully form part of the legacy of care, support and recognition of service which define Legacy Brisbane.

Matched Giving

We are seeking generous philanthropic support from people who share our vision for supporting the families of our fallen and injured veterans. Our matched fund is growing. We will be raising money right up until Giving Day. If the total matched fund is exhausted, your generous gift will still help us build the new Legacy House in Greenslopes and to deliver a new model of care for families of a veteran who has given their health in service. If you are interested in becoming a matcher for our 2023 Giving Day, please contact us by calling 1800 LEGACY (534 229).

To sign up to be notified when our Giving Day is live, please visit legacygivingday.org.au!


Emily Kuehner
Emily Kuehner