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Townsville Legacy

135 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park, Townsville QLD 4812

Postal address: PO Box 435, Hyde Park, Castletown QLD 4812

Phone: (07) 4772 7533

Email: legtown@


About us

About us - Townsville Legacy

20 DEC 1946 - Townsville Legacy Contact formed with Foundation members G.D. Arnold (Chair), J.H. Holiday, W. Staines, C.F.J. Morris, J. Laing, R. Suthers, G.V. Roberts, P. Clinton, T.D. Wetherell, D.T. Tracey. The Group operated as a Contact Group of Brisbane Legacy.

3 April 1948 Charter presented to Townsville Legacy Club which became an autonomous Club.

Townsville Legacy Area of Responsibility stretches south to Bowen, north to Ingham and west to the Queensland Border.


Elandra provides holiday accommodation for Legacy widows and wards. It has two units each accommodation 6 persons and is situated at Geoffrey Bay on Magnetic Island. Contact Townsville Legacy office on 47727533 for further information.

Board of Management

The Annual General Meeting is held in April each year.
2017-2018 Office Bearers
President – Mick Reilly
Vice President – Doug Millican
Hon. Secretary – Robert Spillane
Hon. Treasurer – Colin Bamblett
Board Members – Jennifer Harris, David Lynch, Joanne Corbett


Nicole Hayes

Communications & Membership Coordinator
Natalie Nowland

Finance & Operations Coordinator
Maureen Zohn

Postal address

PO Box 435,
Hyde Park
Qld 4812

Office hours

Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 3.30pm


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